​​​East Entertainment LLC

Karaoke is a fun and interactive experience for the singer as well as the audience.  You don't have to be a professional to sing karaoke.  It is about having fun and losing yourself in the music.  Many say that it is therapy for the soul and a chance to lose your inhibitions as you relax and have fun with others.  

A big part of giving you the best karaoke experience is directly related to providing our singers with high quality equipment.  We want to ensure that you  have the best experience possible.  

Our equipment includes: 

  • ​Alto Professional 15 inch speakers
  • 21 inch and 42 inch high definition monitors
  • Shure wireless microphones providing a professional sound
  • Attenuator for voice stabilization
  • Sonic Maximizer giving vocals an enriched full sound
  • Mic Mechanic to add warmth and various effects to vocals
  • 75,000 karaoke songs and counting….

We will encourage applause for all of our singers.  If needed, we can help a singer with the melody, encouragement or a duet partner.